Red Door Properties is not the typical Realtor next door.  We operate as a strategic partner throughout the acquisition, hold/rental and disposition processes of investing in real estate.  We consider ourselves to be a member of your team, providing education, analysis, consulting, strategic contacts, etc. to ensure that your investments are successful.



Professional Developer & Investor

As a real estate developer in Denver since 1999, I’ve had the chance to work with many, many real estate brokers. I have not found one outfit that works harder, or is more in tune to details than Red Door Properties.  In times where lending regulations are difficult and the market changes almost daily, it’s great to have someone on your side with the necessary information, experience and commitment.


Alan and Jenny

First-time Investors

Being new investors in the Denver market, we could not have found better “partners” than Leigh and Wendy. Their passion for finding us the right homes showed in every communication and interaction. They are truly advocates and have continually gone above and beyond what we could ever expect from realtors. Leigh and Wendy helped us refine our investment strategy to best meet our long term goals. Their breadth of experience and knowledge of the market allowed us to be confident in every property we purchased. Not only were we able to get their experienced opinions of each neighborhood and property, they would provide in-depth market data and analysis specific to each property to help us understand the investment potential. Even after a property closed, Leigh and Wendy were even more proactive and provided us the guidance, advice and tools needed to get our properties leased. “Above and beyond” does not come close to summarizing our impeccable experience on every property with Leigh and Wendy.

Jenny and I proactively try to convince our friends to buy real estate just so we can recommend Red Door Properties. That in itself should speak to how much we love working with Leigh and Wendy. Give us a call anytime, we’d be more than happy to tell you about our amazing buying experiences and how Leigh and Wendy have redefined service in real estate.

Our Services for Investors:

As an independently owned and operated brokerage firm, Red Door Properties has the unique ability to provide a tailored platform of service to meet our clients’ individual needs.  Unlike many brokers who expect their investor clients to know what they need and want, Red Door Properties takes an active role as a member of the team providing data, analyses and professional opinions to help guide acquisition and disposition decisions and strategy.

Strategic Contacts

We have developed a lengthy database of strategic contacts from lenders and lawyers to plumbers, roofers and handymen.  We constantly update a short-list of preferred vendors and a short-list of vendors to avoid.  Regardless of whether you’re in the middle of a transaction or you’re 5-years into your hold period, our contacts are always available to help you manage your properties and avoid expensive property management fees.


While Red Door Properties is not a property management firm, we do have the ability to assist you in the leasing process by providing you with lease rate estimates, professional photography (if needed), online rental listings, assist with background checks on potential tenants, etc.  Our goal is not to lease the property for you, but enable you to lease the property on your own without having to hire a professional property management firm.

Modeling & Scenario Analysis

Investing in real estate is not a daunting process if you know what to expect.  We have standard investment models that we will tweak for specific scenarios and properties to provide you with a numerical picture of what your investment will look like at closing and at any annual interval in the future.


We have the knowledge and tools to provide you with an understanding of the development potential of your property and, sometimes more importantly, the development potential of your neighbor’s property that could negatively impact your property’s value in the future.

Market Knowledge

Red Door Properties has been focused on the Denver residential real estate market since 2005 and has closed over 200 transactions in all neighborhoods and price points.  We don’t rely on the standard zip-code, off-the-shelf analysis tools that all Realtors have but have instead maintain proprietary neighborhood-based tools to provide you with the most accurate and up to date data available.  Whatever question you have, we can quickly and easily find the answer.

Client Experience

While our typical client is buying or selling a primary residence in the resale market, we regularly work with both experienced and inexperienced investors, developers and builders.

Personal Experience

We are also investors ourselves and have a personal understanding of investment strategy, risk and reward.  Why would you work with a broker who doesn’t have personal experience?

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