West Highland

West Highland
Highlands Square

The West Highland neighborhood is located in Northwest Denver and is sometimes referred to collectively with the Lower Highland neighborhood as the Highlands.  The close proximity of this neighborhood to Downtown Denver and the Central Platte Valley has spurred demand for real estate recently, however low-density zoning relative to the other Northwest Denver neighborhoods has helped to preserve its original architectural character.  Bungalow-style homes, Victorians, Tudors and some Mansions are intermixed with relatively few pop-tops, new condo and townhouse developments.  This mixture of housing styles attracts a wide variety of residents from families to singles to empty-nesters who all feel at home in the West Highland neighborhood.

Highlands Square, located at 32nd and Lowell, is at the center of the West Highland neighborhood and is overflowing with trendy restaurants, bars and shops all within walking distance from the surrounding residential streets.


Red Door Recommends:

  • Mondo Vino – 32nd & Lowell
  • Brazen – 38th & Utica
  • El Camino – 32nd & Lowell