Lower Downtown


The Lower Downtown or “LoDo” neighborhood is the original settlement of the City of Denver.  Today, it’s a commercial, residential and retail district, known for its nightlife, shops and restaurants.  LoDo is a prime example of the success in urban reinvestment and revitalization.

About 50% of the LoDo neighborhood is protected by historic district status which preserves the character and history of the existing structures.  In addition, new developments are limited by the zoning code to restrict building height and encourage mixed-use development.  Proposed projects must go through an architectural design review process which enables LoDo to retain its pedestrian scale and historic character as it continues to increase in density.


Red Door Recommends:

  • Rioja – 15th & Larimer
  • Osterio Marco – 15th & Larimer
  • Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox – 20th & Larimer