Sloan’s Lake

Sloans Lake
Sail Boat

The Sloan’s Lake neighborhood is home to Denver’s most beautiful lake with views of downtown from one shore and views of the Rocky Mountains from the other.  The lake is 177 acres and the surrounding park is the second largest park in Denver, behind City Park.

Typical activities at Sloan’s Lake include walking, jogging and bicycling on the sidewalk that loops the lake, and fishing, boating and water skiing on the lake itself.  There are basketball and tennis courts located in the park and an annual event known as the Dragon Boat Festival attracts thousands of visitors each summer.

The neighborhood has a wide range of housing styles including 1920s bungalows to new, post-modern architecture.  The neighborhood has easy access to retail along Federal and Sheridan Boulevards as well as the trendy shops and restaurants located in Highlands Square just 10 blocks north.


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