New Construction

There is more to purchasing a newly constructed home than simply walking into a sales office and signing up.  Understanding the construction process, coordinating the build schedule with your existing home’s sale schedule, selecting finishes that are appropriate for resale potential and maintaining a punchlist of defects that require correction are all part of this complex process.  When you select Red Door Properties to represent you in the construction of your new home, you will have a knowledgeable and seasoned advocate throughout the entire process to ensure that you are satisfied with the finished product, move-in on time, stay within your budget and ultimately realize value when you decide to sell.

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I couldn’t be happier with the home I was able to build for my daughters and me. We all love it and it was a great experience getting to build exactly what we wanted from the ground up. I can’t imagine having done this without Red Door Properties. They kept track of every detail and ensured that nothing was overlooked (including agreements made with the builder early on in the process that I had lost track of). The team at Red Door worked tirelessly and with huge amounts of integrity to make sure that this wasn’t just a business transaction but the start of a great a life for my family and me. Thank you Red Door!!”

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I love my new home! However, I had no idea of the work involved in creating this space that I love and have lived in this last year. Without Red Door (Wendy and Leigh) I am not sure how I would have made it through all the design selection, the last minute contractor changes, the walk through process at each stage of the construction and finally the negotiation with the builder as we came to closing. I had no idea of the work, the complications and how important it is to have support – they acted my house “dulas” – which was vital to the birth of this home. I am so grateful to have worked with them. Having this type of persistent, conscientious and detailed team supporting you is for me, not an option but a basic essential to the successful building of a new home.

Our Services for New-Construction Buyers:

As an independently owned and operated brokerage firm, Red Door Properties has the unique ability to provide a tailored platform of services to meet our new-construction clients’ individual needs.  Unlike many brokers who simply drop their clients off at the sales office and then magically reappear at the closing table, we will be with you every step of the way from signing your contract with the builder to choosing your finishes at the design center to walking your home with the superintendent and really, ultimately throughout your home ownership period!

Choosing the Right Builder

Red Door Properties will narrow down your home search to the right builder based on your personal housing needs and wants so that you don’t waste time talking with many different builders that can’t satisfy your requirements from a budget, floor plan, style or lot availability perspective.  Builders all do an excellent job of creating beautiful model homes to “help” you choose their home over one of their competitors’ homes.  We provide unemotional, market-based guidance and help you see through builder’s marketing and model home bells and whistles to understand what you will actually be buying and whether it is the right home for your family’s needs and budget.


Once you select a builder and floor plan, Red Door Properties will provide market comps and analyses to ensure that the purchase price of your selected home (after all of your chosen upgrades have been factored in) is in line with market re-sale prices.  Comparing your home to other newly constructed homes as well as existing homes is imperative to ensure that you are not “over-building” your home.  We never ask you to simply trust our guts when giving you advice but will have data, graphs and analyses to support all of our opinions.


Red Door Properties will guide you through the process of signing the purchase contract, addendums and any necessary change orders with the builder and then monitor all of your deadlines with our cloud-based project management software providing you with a behind-the-scenes, transparent view of everything related to your transaction.  Don’t forget that while 99.9% of builders’ sales managers are absolutely lovely people, they still represent the builder and not you (and the good ones will tell you that also!)…Red Door Properties will be your advocate throughout the process.


Designing your new home can be a really fun process, but it can also be an overwhelming task to keep a grip on your budget while wading through a design center packed to the brim with beautiful tile, cabinet, counter top and flooring product samples.  Red Door Properties has experienced enough builders and designers to understand the steps required to narrow down finish selections, fine-tune budget balances and ultimately help our clients come to a balance between lavishness, functionality and cost.  All of our advice will also always have a sanity-check link back to the market to ensure that you love the design of your home as much as others will love it when you decide to sell.

Construction Walks

Red Door Properties will always be in attendance at important construction process meetings such as the pre-construction meeting, pre-drywall/electrical walk-through and the the punchlist/verification walk-through.  Just because you’re buying a newly constructed home, it does not mean that you should trust that your home will be built to perfection or that your builder will keep to schedule!

Selling your Existing Home

If you have an existing home to sell, Red Door Properties can work with you on the sale of your existing home and in the negotiation of key dates in your purchase contract to minimize risk and ensure a smooth transition into your newly constructed home.

Portfolio of Selected New-Build Projects:

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Rager Designworks Custom Home



Wonderland Edge Townhomes

Stapleton – Central Park North


MJS Custom Home

Observatory Park


Infinity Pure

Stapleton – Central Park West


Custom Renovation

Lower Highlands


Parkwood Chesapeake

Stapleton – Central Park West

David Weekley

David Weekley Castle Pines

Stapleton – Central Park West


Infinity Lime

Stapleton – Central Park North

Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek Entice

Stapleton – Bluff Lake

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