Buyer Testimonials

Chelsea & Ryan


Leigh and Wendy… simply amazing!! Red Door Properties came highly recommended from friends of ours and we can happily say that they not only met, but far exceeded our expectations. Our experience with other agents in the past has been very transactional, and for the first time we actually felt like we were getting our money’s worth with the service they provided. The supportive, analytical and data-based approach that Leigh and Wendy delivered made us feel like we had advisors who were looking out for both our investment and well-being as a family. They have a knack for providing sound and tempered guidance which helped us navigate the emotions and choices that come with searching for and purchasing a home. We added in complexity with being out of the country through some of the process, but Leigh was always reachable and willing to work whatever hours she needed to get things done, and as a bonus was able to leverage her network to help us through some challenges with the purchasing process. We feel like our family ended up in a great situation that we will enjoy for a long time, and we look forward to staying connected with Red Door Properties in the future. We will certainly be recommending them to anyone we know that is buying or selling a home!!

Scott & Erik

County Club

It was beginning to feel like we would never find the perfect home. Everything was too expensive, too small, or too far away. None of the pieces were falling into place as we saw house after house, never once seeing a place we would want to call our home. We had begun to give up hope when Leigh and Wendy swooped in to save the day. Their deep understanding of the real estate market in Denver and their ability to identify what a buyer needs and wants before they realize it themselves makes the Red Door Properties team unstoppable. From the very first home we saw together we knew that working with Leigh and Wendy would be the best decision we made during our search.

We met Leigh on a Saturday morning, planning to look at yet another house in the trendy RiNo neighborhood. After so many showings where we went through the motions of identifying the pros and cons of a property, we figured we would be in and out of yet another house within an hour and be back on our search. We were wrong. While we did not end up getting that particular house, the amount we learned after two hours with Leigh made those the two most important hours of our search up to that point. Most importantly, though, Leigh took the time to learn about us—who we were, what we wanted, and what would make us happy. It is amazing how much Leigh picked up on after meeting us only once. After that showing was over, Leigh and Wendy crafted a personalized search which pointed us toward the houses we would actually want to see, not just those that were convenient.

The house we ended up buying was a house we did not even want to see. We emailed Leigh and said thanks but no thanks—we will continue searching. Leigh told us she had a special feeling and that she wanted us to see the house, and we are so glad we did. The pictures did not do it justice, and there was just something to uniquely “us” about the place. Other realtors wouldn’t have known us well enough to confidently say that this is a house we could call our home. Within 24 hours Leigh and Wendy had cranked into a gear of efficiency we could not even imagine. Their attention to detail and their calm under pressure was amazing as we put together the airtight offer that would get us across the finish line. From start to finish we cannot think of a better team to work with than these two. Their expertise, their efficiency, and their compassion for their clients puts them above the rest. Choose Red Door and work with Leigh and Wendy. You’ll be so glad you did.

Christina & Thomas


Leigh and Wendy are the perfect mix of personable and professional. It was a pleasure working with them to buy our first home in Denver. Leigh and Wendy were highly recommended by friends of ours, and they lived up to the hype! From the moment we connected, their expertise and competence was extremely apparent. We particularly appreciated how well they listened to what we wanted in a home and neighborhood and made recommendations to get us what we wanted within our budget. Throughout the competitive Denver home-buying process, there were times we felt discouraged by lack of inventory or limitations within our price point, but Leigh consistently reassured us that we would find the perfect home in the right location…and sure enough we did!! Leigh and Wendy’s support and encouragement went significantly above and beyond what we expected and we couldn’t be more pleased that we chose such caring, capable professionals to guide us during this process.

As first time homebuyers, my husband and I had many questions (and anxieties) and Leigh and Wendy were thorough, prompt, and meticulous in explaining all aspects of the process. Communication is a strength for their team, with a rapid response time and detailed organizational charts to keep everything on schedule. Their years of experience shine through in how well they structure the process, making it understandable and as painless as possible for homebuyers. We found all the individuals they recommended (lenders, home inspector, insurance, etc.) to be extremely professional and easy to work with. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience (or our amazing new home!) and wholeheartedly recommend Leigh and Wendy for your home buying needs.

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Tim & Luisanna

Lower Highlands

After months of searching in vain for the perfect house with a different real estate company, we were introduced to Red Door Properties through a mutual friend. The expertise, compassion and professional drive of both Leigh and Wendy was obvious and we immediately switched our allegiance to Red Door Properties.

After our introductory call and meeting, Leigh & Wendy set up several viewings that seemed to meet our needs. During the home tours, Leigh was careful to point out all of the factors that she thought met our needs and was equally eager to point out characteristics that we might have considered problematic. Never did she ever push to close on anything. Rather, she helped us to continue looking for the ideal house for us… relentlessly.

Within a week of teaming up, Leigh notified us via text at ~10:30pm on a Thursday night to tell us about a home that had just been listed on MLS. Based on our criteria and how she saw us react to the previous home tours, she had a strong suspicion that this one would be a great fit – and she compelled us to see it and act quickly. She set up a tour for the following day (Friday), letting us know that an Open House was scheduled for Sunday. We had another house that we were interested in, but the home on Alcott St was by far the favorite of all that we had seen. The location was ideal, the size of the house was perfect and, unexpectedly, the home even had a nice sized yard, which is not common for the Highlands.

We quickly decided to submit an offer and began strategizing with Leigh and Wendy about how best to position our offer to avoid a bidding war. After some back-and-forth with the Seller and with helpful guidance and advice form Leigh and Wendy, we had a contract signed on Saturday – a day before the open house was held!

We are now settled into our new house and we love everything about it! Thanks Leigh & Wendy!



Shelby & Chris

Curtis Park

My husband and I worked with Red Door on purchasing our first home, and we can’t say enough good things about our experience with them. We knew very little about the home buying process but instantly felt like we were in very good hands with Leigh and Wendy. While showing us homes, Leigh was up front and honest about the pros and cons of each property, and never pushy. We knew she wanted us to end up with a home we loved, and provided her expert input every step of the way which led us to making a decision that we are SO happy with!

When it came time to putting in an offer, all the way through closing, Leigh and Wendy walked us through every step, were super organized and on top of things, always available for our questions, and had amazing connections to insurance agents, mortgage brokers, etc that we took them up on.

Even after the closing, they continue to check in and it just shows how much they care about their clients. I would recommend Red Door Properties to anyone, hands down.

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Casey, Rob & Mia

Cheesman Park

How do we love Red Door Properties? Let us count the ways. When Leigh first met us, Rob and I were new parents and first time home buyers looking to move to Colorado from the Bay Area. The level of education and hand-holding we needed was extreme to say the least. Leigh delivered all of that and more.  Over the course of a few short months two sleep-deprived newbies received an invaluable crash course in Denver Real Estate 101 from Leigh. She was there for every question, no matter how trivial. She responded instantly to every inquiry we sent, encouraging us to hold out for just the right place.

And when that place finally came along, it was Leigh who brought the house to our attention, explaining the reasons why it was perfect for us and seeing it twice in one day just to make sure.

In the end, Leigh proved invaluable because she had a vision for us that we didn’t yet have the ability to craft for ourselves. As it came time to make an offer, her partner Wendy expertly crunched the numbers to help us make an informed decision. When the house later appraised for well over the purchase price, we received confirmation of Leigh and Wendy’s expert knowledge of the Denver housing market. Beyond these facts and figures, Red Door came recommended to us by family and we feel in the end they treated us like family as well.  I can’t imagine engaging in the biggest transaction of our lives with anyone other than Leigh and Wendy. They come with our very highest recommendation.

Fertig - cropped



I tend to research everything. When I decided to sell my home, I turned to the Internet to find a good real estate agent. Not wanting to get lost in a bureaucracy, I was looking for a small company that gave personal care. Red Door Properties stood out as a winner.

Leigh and Wendy sold my house and also held my hand through the process of building a new home. I cannot say enough good things about this duo. They are both not only very smart, but meticulously conscientious and very gracious individuals. They ALWAYS did exactly what they promised and did it well.

When I decided to sell my house and buy a new one, I already had in place a very busy travel schedule. Wendy and Leigh worked around that, still managing to get my house on the market very quickly. When an appropriate offer did come through, I was in Europe. We were able to handle everything via email, Skype, and digital signatures.

Red Door Properties has very good resources. They arranged for the preparation of my house for sale, including painting, repairing, inspecting, and staging. They also had an excellent photographer and incorporated great marketing skills. All these resources made the process of selling as painless as possible.

Wendy and Leigh far exceeded my expectations in the purchase of my new home. I had never before had a house built, so had little confidence. I didn’t even know what questions to ask. Red Door negotiated some upfront financial arrangements that were very helpful. Either Wendy or Leigh also attended all meetings with me, including signing of documents and choosing options. (There were over 500 options with the home I chose, so it was overwhelming.) I was purchasing this house by myself, so I really appreciated another eye. Leigh and Wendy also negotiated with my builder to move up the closing date of my new home to coordinate with the closing of the house I was selling. By doing so, I was able to avoid the expense of moving my belongings in and out of a storage facility.

Early in the process of selling and buying, I realized I could completely trust the judgment of Leigh and Wendy in all respects. Feeling such confidence in them was like having a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Looking back over the entire process, I have no regrets about giving them that trust. They were super in every respect.

I would readily recommend Red Door Properties to anyone who is buying or selling a house. These two ladies are not only great businesswomen, but also very good people.

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Patty & Dave


My husband and I have bought and sold multiple houses over the years, but our experience with Leigh Wilbanks was by far the best we’ve ever had. Leigh helped us sell our last home and worked with us to find our current house. She has a super sharp mind, superior business acumen and a great deal of knowledge about the Denver housing market. We’ve worked with brokers in the past who showed us homes that came nowhere close to the parameters we had described. Leigh is a great listener, who asks probing questions and works hard to tune into her clients’ housing needs and wishes.

More than anything else, Leigh exudes professionalism. She is responsive, empathetic, highly organized and thoughtful. Her passion for her work is obvious and it’s an absolute joy to watch her in action!

Now that Wendy Hession has joined Red Door Properties, we’re certain that the business will take off to even greater heights. Together, Leigh and Wendy will continue to set the bar high in terms of providing excellent client service in the world of residential real estate! We wish them all the best!

Sarah & Brendan

Park Hill

We were referred to Red Door by some of our friends from my medical residency. They said Leigh and Wendy did an amazing job for them, so we decided to give it a shot. From the beginning, it was clear that Leigh and Wendy were there for us. Their personalized portal helps you narrow your choices and make the most out of your time together. We chose to make an offer on a house our first day out together, and they supported us through that process and made clear and unambiguous recommendations. Although we did not get that first house, it was more due to our financial restrictions than anything lacking on Leigh or Wendy’s part.

When we went out again to look at a house, we offered again, and this time got it! Leigh and Wendy did so much work on our behalf, I had no idea a realtor would advocate for you in this way! They find comparably priced homes that have sold recently, and advise you on everything from what to offer, when, and how to make your offer attractive. I was also surprised at how much they worked for us through the whole process. They sent reminders, helped negotiate on inspection objections, and kept us on track the whole way.

They are an excellent team and they will work hard for you! The realtor on the other end of our deal remarked after our closing how awesome they were to work with–and I know our offer was accepted over another higher offer because we were felt more likely to close. That says some about us as buyers, but even more about our realtors! I would recommend them to anyone buying a home in the area, we will certainly come back to Red Door when it’s time.


Sara & Mike

Congress Park

We were referred from a friend and were so happy we got to work with Leigh and Wendy.   They were patient with us for over a year till the timing was right to buy a house.  They were great communicators and very honest with us throughout the whole process and fought hard and long for us to get us into the best house for us.  They have great personalities and were fun and very enjoyable to work with.  We will defiantly recommend them to our friends and family and use them in the future.

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Elke & Hannes

Park Hill

Once we had decided to move to Denver, a friend recommended to work with Red Door and introduced us to Leigh and Wendy. While still living in Germany at that time, we set up a Skype session with Leigh to get to know one another and start discussing our preferences for neighborhoods and housing. Having lived in the US twice before, we were familiar with the process of buying and selling a house, but we didn’t know Denver well.

A one-week house hunting trip in late October 2013 was set up quickly. Prior to the trip, Leigh & Wendy fed us with MLS listings to give us a feel for the market. Being the meticulous Germans we are 😉 we were curious what to expect from this one-week trip to Denver. Our expectations were exceeded by far! Starting with a fantastic welcome package waiting for us in our hotel room. One item clearly stood out: “the famous binder”! A binder full of useful information, laying out our entire week in all detail. Useful hints and tips about each neighborhood, tons of analytics on pricing and market data (yikes!), in brief literally everything you need to know when you buy a house.

40+ showings in four days followed. Perfectly structured and organized in a way that allowed us to continuously narrow down which part of Denver we wanted to live in and what type of house we like the most. On the fifth day, a few hours before leaving the US again, we stepped into our dream house in South Park Hill in Central Denver on its very first day on the market. We made an offer and due to Leigh’s outstanding negotiation skills, the seller accepted our offer before we boarded our flight back to Germany.

After that, Leigh & Wendy literally took care of everything allowing us to manage the closing process remotely from Germany. We became proud house owners in Denver on Nov 26th 2013 and moved in on Jan 4th 2014. Five days to find a house and less than a month to close! And all of that while still living in Germany. Simply fantastic!

So here’s why we would highly recommend for you to work with Red Door in a nutshell:

  • Leigh & Wendy are the most professional realtors we have ever worked with.
  • They are perfectly structured and organized, they know exactly what they do and say.
  • They know Denver and vicinity extraordinarily well and they are absolutely honest with you.
  • They apply state-of-the-art technology and analytics to facilitate your real estate transaction.
  • Above all, Leigh & Wendy are wonderful people who genuinely care about you. Who would have thought that our realtors would become our friends!


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Bethany & Sam

West Highland

Leigh & Wendy came highly recommended to us by a work colleague. From our very first call they were straightforward and professional. From that second on they put a ton of effort into our home search, even though we weren’t sure about our timeline to buying. When we suddenly drastically changed our plans and wanted to bid on a house right away, they kept pace and switched right into high gear with us. They made the negotiations and process to close so painless! They shared simple checklists with everything that needed to be done along with due dates. We have bought and sold many properties and NEVER felt that any of our Realtors were worth their commission until Leigh and Wendy! They were so amazing and worth every single penny and then some. They have kept after us, preparing tax deduction paperwork and other analytics for us. They are truly wonderful and we now very much consider them friends.

Rubenstein & Winn - cropped

Nicole & Ray

University Hills

We are so grateful to Leigh and Wendy for helping us find our first home. With rising home prices and low inventory last fall, we were nervous that we would not find a home. Leigh and Wendy to the rescue!!! With a well-worded contract and a strategic approach we got our home, beating out many other offers. They made the process as easy as possible and were very reliable. They were always available when we needed them if we had questions or concerns. We will definitely be using Red Door Properties again and highly recommend them to others.

Bennett & Hafez - cropped

Kara & Ali


Where to start – we can’t say enough good things about Red Door Properties!

We were recommended to Red Door Properties by not one, not two, but three new homeowners and friends who insisted that if we were looking to buy in the Denver area we had to give Leigh and Wendy a call.

There’s no doubt in my mind that without Red Door Properties we would not have gotten our dream home. Not a day goes by where we don’t say how happy we are with our decision! Leigh and Wendy were there with us every step of the way to make sure that we had all information we needed to make the right decision. Throughout the entire homebuying process they offered their expertise and candid advice without making a couple of young newbies feel inexperienced or overwhelmed.

Above all else – they know Denver and surrounding area extremely well and genuinely care finding the right home for you – we knew right away we could trust Leigh and Wendy to guide us in the right direction. We can’t say enough how pleased we are with the entire experience. Thank you, Leigh & Wendy!

Stern - cropped

Meilssa & Alex

Highlands Ranch

Melissa and I (Alex) were newlywed, first-time homebuyers with little understanding of the purchasing process and our local market when were introduced to Leigh by another of her clients. Before we began working with Red Door, we were a little overwhelmed by the Denver market – it seemed that any time we found a house on one of the real estate websites, it was already under contract. Leigh and Wendy quickly squashed those worries by providing us with an easily organized portal, which showed all the available homes as they were listed and before they made it out to the home-search sites.

This was great, as it gave us a realistic idea of what our budget would allow, and helped us narrow down our homes prior to stopping in to visit them. Leigh was patient and kind in our showings, helping to educate us on what square footage actually looks like, and what floor plans make the most sense.

When it came time to make an offer, we always felt that we had the edge with Leigh and Wendy on our side. They are experts in the “tricks of the trade” – making their client’s offer look better than the competition. With several friends house hunting at the same time we were, we certainly believe we were in the best of hands (and we found our house much more quickly than the aforementioned friends!)

We can’t recommend Red Door Properties enough. Perhaps the biggest takeaway: they follow through on promises. That’s so rare today, and so important to us. Thanks Leigh and Wendy!

Andersen & Rooke - cropped

Doug & Holly


Our experience working with both Leigh and Wendy was excellent. Their understanding of Denver’s neighborhoods and respective home value trends allowed us to purchase an awesome place that we feel is also a sound investment. While looking at homes, Leigh provided us with honest opinions that showed great foresight and were tailored to what we were looking for. With the market being so competitive currently, the knowledge and work ethic that both Leigh and Wendy brought to the table was integral in finding us the right home. If we are ever in the market again for another home in the Denver area, they will be the first people we contact.

Orr - cropped



Leigh helped me find a builder to construct my new home in Denver. She came to all important meetings with the builder and designers. Her experience showed as she knew just what questions to ask and how to inspect the finished work. A wonderful resource and great help in the building process!

Shinn & Belcher - cropped

Kelly & Katherine


We were referred to Red Door through a friend that had recently worked with Leigh and Wendy.

Our experience with them was exceptional. They are incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate in Denver. They thoroughly answered all of our questions and LISTENED to our thoughts, feedback, and priorities throughout the process. They were not only responsive to us but also proactive as we searched for homes.

Leigh and Wendy were able to make house hunting fun despite the really difficult market in Denver.

Just a few days before we left for a trip to Vietnam, our offer was accepted on our dream home. Leigh and Wendy were able to help us get our inspections scheduled on extremely short notice before we left town. They were with us for the entire inspection and helped us understand the ins and outs of every step of this process as well.

Once we arrived to Vietnam, Leigh and Wendy continued to help us navigate the negotiations process. They were available to us despite the 14 hour time difference. When the furnace went out at the home, they spoke to the owner’s realtor and had it fixed before we even knew about it.

While this part of the process was stressful, especially being across the world, we could not have been in better hands. We trusted Leigh and Wendy 100% and they were phenomenal.

We ended up getting the home and have LOVED it.

We have and will continue to recommend Red Door to everyone we know.

Fleming - cropped


City Park

Wendy and Leigh were great! I bought my first home, sold it, and subsequently purchased my new condo with them and obviously have been totally thrilled with their acumen, patience, and dedication. I don’t anticipate selling for hopefully a long time (if ever) but, should I, I couldn’t imagine working with any other company.

Denitzio & Delaporte - cropped

Gus & Christina


Red Door Properties exceeded all of our expectations for the home buying process. We were so impressed by Leigh & Wendy’s knowledge, patience, and professionalism. As first time homebuyers, and not being familiar with the various Denver neighborhoods, we are so grateful to have had a team that we could trust completely. From taking the time to drive us around several neighborhoods, changing our search criteria, submitting and negotiating our offer, to recommending contractors for our new home – we never questioned that Leigh & Wendy truly had our best interests in mind.

Smith - Cropped

Kellie & Greg


We can’t thank Red Door Properties enough for helping us find our first home. Our experience with Leigh and Wendy was extraordinary and I can’t imagine not having them on our team through the process. We found ourselves in a VERY competitive buying situation and we know that without Leigh and Wendy we would not be sitting in our beautiful new house today.

We found their teamwork throughout this process incredibly impressive. Their knowledge of the Denver market helped us “out-of-towners” quickly get up to speed on the market. Leigh was very honest and straightforward with us during our search, which helped us narrow things down and secure a house that we not only loved but that is also of great value. Because of the great communication at Red Door, they were also able to move the home buying process along at a pace that was quick and necessary for our particular deal.

In addition to their professionalism, they are two of the friendliest and most caring people that we have ever had the privilege of meeting. We will be forever grateful for their hard work and friendship.

Lake & Winter - cropped

John and Harold

Cheesman Park

We were interested in purchasing an income property and knew of Red Door Properties because friends who were very pleased with their services had used them in buying property and recommended them to us. We contacted Wendy and Leigh and asked them about what they thought about rental property and whether it might be a good investment for us. We were specifically interested in purchasing real estate in the Cheesman Park neighborhood. We invited them over for drinks and they came with printouts of available properties that met our criteria. But more importantly they brought projected financials carefully outlining possible scenarios covering such issues as cash-flow, break even points, etc. They are very knowledgeable and forthright and tell it as they see it. Thus their advice is very much worth having.

Working with them over several weeks we were more and more impressed with their professionalism and candid advice. They also avail themselves of the latest high-tech tools to keep abreast of new listings. They were aggressive in pursuing leads but at the same time very kind and thoughtful. The actual mechanics of the purchase were a breeze as they are exceptional in their communication skills explaining exactly what needs to be done and executing all the legal requirements.

We can’t recommend them highly enough. We are completely satisfied.

Englund - Cropped

Jenny, Stefan, Charlie & George


We feel so incredibly lucky that a friend recommended Leigh & Wendy to us. We had reached a point in our lives where we had outgrown our small but beloved home near the city and we were ready for a change.  Like many people, we were a bit daunted by the whole process of selling and buying a home. From the very moment we first met Leigh, we felt like she just tucked us right under her wing. She listened to our every little concern and offered solid knowledgeable guidance every step of the way.

In preparation of putting our house on the market, Leigh provided invaluable advice on home improvement projects that were worth taking on in order to get top dollar for our house. After taking Leigh’s advice and putting in our months of sweat equity, the house was finally ready to show. Red Door brought in an exceptional photographer whose photos truly accentuated the charm and character of our home. Wendy did an impressive job running the comps, which was challenging since we lived in an odd little niche of a neighborhood with nothing much out there to compare it to.  We listed the house and by the end of the weekend, we had dozens of showings, multiple offers, and we ended up accepting an offer that was far more than we ever anticipated. With our unexpected small fortune, we were able to purchase a larger home in a better neighborhood that much better suited our family’s changing needs.

Now we were ready to find our new home. With inventory low, it was imperative to run out at a moment’s notice when a potential property popped up. Leigh was always willing to meet us at the drop of a hat to show us anything our little hearts desired. At the same time, she made sure that we did not stray from our goals or make unwise choices. We were seeking a fixer-upper in the suburbs and when this little gem of a house popped up in an amazing neighborhood that we knew would go fast, Leigh met us at the property immediately. We instantly knew this was the one and were ready to make an offer. Investors were swarming like flies and Leigh knew exactly what we would be up against. Leigh and Wendy not only did the obvious of advising us on a strategic offer price, but in order to make us stand out from the rest, Leigh had us write a personal letter to the seller. She wrote her own letter as well convincing the seller that we were destined to be in this house, and even sent along photos of the renovations we had lovingly done to our previous home. Ultimately, Leigh went way above and beyond and as a result, our offer was accepted over more attractive offers. Thanks to Red Door, we are now settled into our amazing new home which we just simply adore.

With Red Door Properties on our side, both selling and buying our home was a seamless, organized, informative, stress-free, and actually even a fun process! Leigh & Wendy worked tirelessly for us throughout the entire time we worked with them. They provided us with an online project management tool that was easily accessible and allowed us to always rest assured that we were on track and know what we could expect next. They provided us with professional home staging services which undoubtedly aided in increasing our net proceeds. They provided and continue to provide us with referrals for top notch contractors.  Between Wendy’s phenomenal number crunching and Leigh’s tactical prowess, Red Door Properties provides a service that is unparalleled. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.

We would let Leigh and Wendy perform heart surgery on us or anyone in our family.

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Wendy & Brian


As a team, Leigh and Wendy added exceptional value and insight to our home-buying experience in Denver. Their data-driven knowledge base provided us with critical decision information, ultimately finding us a home, on short notice, and at a discounted price in the community we loved! They creatively found solutions to problems as they arose, and pursued our interests as if this home would be their own. Leigh and Wendy go above and beyond any other realty we’ve worked with…it was a pleasure and we can’t wait to buy our next house with them!

Bomar & Silverberg - cropped

Karen, Amy & Koda


What can I say about Red Door Properties that hasn’t already been said about sliced bread, penicillin or the cronut?  These ladies are the rock stars of real estate.  They helped us through the sale of our former home, and the construction/purchase of our new home.  Yes, these lucky ladies spend a little over six months with us.  Bless their hearts.

Leigh and Wendy had all the data and expert advice we needed to put our home on the market for just the right price, and it sold in mere days.  They were there to handle all of the hiccups that come along with a new build, as well, such as the infamous “pre drywall walk” that magically turned into the “drywall walk”.  Good times, right?  So glad they were there by our side through it all!  They also calmly and patiently fielded all of our texts/emails/phone calls, and even managed to kindly tolerate our quirly sense of humor.  A big thanks to Leigh and Wendy for all their hard work.  We recommend you to everyone…so watch out!  We couldn’t imagine buying or selling a home with anyone else.

Anthony - cropped



After my recent home buying experience, I felt strongly about recommending Leigh Wilbanks as a broker to anyone looking for property in the Denver metro area. Not only is Leigh an experienced real estate professional, but she is also a fantastic person that actually listens and understands the needs of her clients. Her flexibility and patience made a stressful process more manageable, and her knowledge and experience helped us find the right house at a great price. In the past, I’ve dealt with Realtors that check out as soon as the contract is signed. Leigh stuck with us through the entire process and continues to be an excellent resource. If you want an exceptional Realtor that you can trust, I highly recommend you call Leigh.

Lockridge Family - Cropped

Jennifer & Jason

Highlands Ranch

We moved to Colorado during the fall of 2010.  At the time it was myself, my husband and our 2 year old son.  We moved into an apartment since we were completely unfamiliar with the Denver area and weren’t sure where to settle down.  In January 2011, we found out we were expecting our 2nd baby in November, so the pressure was on.  We weren’t about to put the 4 of us in a 2 bedroom apartment!

We were referred to Leigh by one of my husband’s coworkers who is a very trusted and dear friend, so we knew we couldn’t go wrong.  Upon meeting Leigh, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were in good hands.  Not only did she take time to get to know our family, my son fell in love with her and asked daily when we could go visit houses with Miss Leigh again! She will not only be a Realtor for you, she becomes an extremely valued family friend.

My husband’s job was located in the Tech area, so we knew our search needed to stay south of Denver, and he wanted to stay within a 15-20 minute commute max.  I swear to you, Leigh took us to all the right areas and really tailored the houses to our particular taste the best that she could.  This was the first time we were buying a “used” home, we had previously built, so we had to get a reality check at what was on the market and what we could afford.  She did great, worked with us, and was extremely patient as we explored areas as far south as Parker, north as Greenwood Village, and East to Aurora.  Over the time we were looking for homes, I think we visited 63 before we fell in love with our home in Highlands Ranch.  With it being right on the border of Lone Tree, we were directly located on trails, extremely close to parks, and all shopping which strongly supported our active family.  Our home was an absolute dream!  We moved in August 2011 and welcomed our little girl in November.  Timing was perfect and our family loved our new home and the memories we created in it.  The neighborhood was amazing too and we made some strong friendships with the neighbors across the street.

Overall on a 10 scale I’d rate Red Door Properties an 11.  Leigh was absolutely amazing at handling every detail and keeping us on top of where we needed to be throughout the entire process as well.  Highly, Highly, Highly recommend!

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West Highland

In starting my real estate search in Denver, I stumbled upon Red Door Properties quite by accident.  No referral, no exhaustive research.  I simply emailed Leigh about a listing, and she responded to my out-of-the-blue inquiry with speed and professionalism.  Without ever exerting pressure to buy or to use Red Door as my broker, she conveyed information about the Denver market that, as a real estate professional myself, I recognized as valuable.  Although I was not in a particular hurry to buy in a fast moving seller’s market, I ended up identifying and purchasing a fantastic house in relatively short order, and at slightly under listing price.  Leigh and Wendy’s intuition and skill in helping me focus my goals for the purchase were instrumental in facilitating the purchase. Red Door utilizes an analytic approach in assessing housing product based on real data rather than reacting to the market.  Red Door is also well ahead of the curve in using technology to make contract deadlines and diligence easier to manage.  In my career I come into contact with many brokers, and I would place Red Door in the highest category in terms of integrity and competence.  I will certainly recommend Leigh and Wendy to friends and associates looking to buy or sell in the Denver area and look forward to working with them on my next foray into the market.


Don & Peggy

Wash Park

We feel very fortunate that our son introduced us to Leigh and Wendy at Red Door Properties when we were looking to buy an investment property in Denver.  It was a wonderful experience working with Leigh and Wendy!  Besides being very personable, they are extremely knowledgeable and analytical.  They know the Denver real estate market, both from a homeowner’s perspective as well as investment properties.  We feel that Leigh and Wendy are the sharpest real estate professionals in the Denver area, and we would highly recommend them to our family and friends.

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Brittanie & Carolyne


Working with Red Door Properties during our recent home search was a fantastic experience!  We are recently married and were under pressure to move out of our rental. Leigh was patient with our questions and able to explain the process in way that calmed our anxieties.

We were looking for a fixer with potential, and she was thoughtful and attentive in helping us find a great house for our family.  Leigh is straightforward, honest, and reliable while also being easy going with a great sense of humor.  She really understood what we wanted and helped us see a true gem and investment in our home.

Wendy and Leigh were available for questions and they kept us in the loop throughout the process.  They had our best interests in mind and negotiated and fought hard for us when working with the seller became a challenge.   We lucked out in finding a realty team that is trustworthy and committed.  Leigh and Wendy continue to be great resources for us as we restore our home.




If you are buying or selling your house, and you place a lot of value on superb customer service and attention to detail, look no further than Red Door Properties.  Leigh and Wendy are absolute professionals, from the moment you start working with them, until well after closing.  They helped me find the perfect house, guided me through my very first new build, and were extremely prepared, staying one step ahead of the process always.  I never had to ask for information — they were proactive and pushed information to me before I needed it.  You want Red Door in your corner — as your champion, your negotiator and your local expert.  I can’t recommend Red Door highly enough, and will use them again in the future for sure.

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Jen, Christine & Eden


We were referred to Red Door Properties by friends and could not have been happier with their assistance selling our home and purchasing a new build home.  Leigh and Wendy were incredibly professional, personable and efficient.  They walked us through every step of our process and were amazing advocates for us especially in a difficult and delayed build process.  We cannot recommend Red Door highly enough!  We had an amazing experience and felt their knowledge, support and advocacy every day during our 8 month process.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We absolutely LOVE our new home and community and couldn’t have done it without Red Door.


Sebastian, Kim & Makenzie

Lower Highlands

Red Door Properties is in a league of its own.  We met Leigh almost by mistake, and instantly fell in love with her personality, and easy going attitude.  However, don’t let her polite, southern charm fool you into thinking she’s a pushover or unwilling to take on tough tasks.  Right away we learned that Leigh was not only highly knowledgable about the market, financial structuring, and even construction, but was a very savvy negotiator as well.

We got ourselves into a bind with a contract on what turned out to be far from our ideal home, and Leigh not only rescued us from eternal misery (a little drama goes a long way) by undoing our misdeeds, but also simultaneously negotiated a pre sale of a home under construction in the most desirable of neighborhoods….for a price that still astounds.  If our story ended there, I would expect all of you reading this to jump on the Red Door Properties bandwagon, but Leigh went even further and technically became our construction monitor and “enforcer”.  She went above and beyond, gave 110%, delivered a spectacular, perfectly finished home (3 minor checklist items at the 12 month post completion walkthrough, can’t get more perfect) and likely saved a marriage.   Through all this, we always felt that we were Red Door Properties only client.

Attention to detail, timeliness, follow through and a “personal touch” may be missing in the service industry today, but these traits are alive and well at Red Door Properties.


Andy and Jessie

Country Club

As first time home buyers, Leigh and Wendy were great in helping us understand the process end-to-end.  They were very responsive and patient throughout our search and very quickly developed an excellent sense of what we were looking for such that the time we spent visiting houses was very efficient. We also appreciated both the qualitative perspective they brought on the market as well as the in depth quantitative analysis they were able to provide as we determined how to make the right offer.  We were extremely happy with the outcome on all levels and love our house.  Red Door was a pleasure to work with and they will be our first call if we find ourselves either buying or selling a home in the future.

Delvaux 2



I closed on my home mid June 2013. Was the second transaction I did using Red Door Properties (as the first experience was a very smooth process) and yes, also this time, the Leigh/Wendy team pulled through for me 200%!

The big difference with my first home purchase was the CRAZY housing market we’ve been experiencing this year. High demand, low inventory, very short ‘on the market’ time and a gazillion bids on the good homes within a matter of hours. I honestly wasn’t very hopeful to find a decent home in a neighborhood I liked, foreseeing having to take what the market would throw at me, but somehow Leigh and Wendy made it happen. I currently am the proud owner of a cute ranch with tons of potential in the desirable Mayfair park area… right where I wanted to be. The Red Door ladies reacted very quickly when this property came on the market, met me at the home not even 12 hrs after the listing went public (the Realtor listed on a Saturday night!) and good advice and clever strategy resulted in me getting my house and writing this review right now. Can’t thank them enough for their hard work. Last but not least, house hunting can be a dreadful and tedious process, but these ladies keep things light and fun with their great sense of humor and upbeat personalities!



Wash Park

Red Door Properties helped me find my first home in a very tough market. Because of their persistence and hard work I was able to find a great house in the exact neighborhood I wanted. Red Door Properties knew exactly what I was looking for and made sure I got into a house that I felt comfortable buying. The process was painless and most of all it was fun. It was an absolute pleasure working with Red Door Properties. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Cameron & Rachel

Cameron & Rachel

Virginia Village

We love Red Door Properties! Leigh helped us sell our Capitol Hill apartment and then find our dream home in Virginia Village…which was no easy task. We were working on a tight timeline and in the midst of the 2009 recession, but Leigh made it all happen on time and within our budget. It was our first time trying to sell a home while looking for a new home and it seemed like a stressful and daunting task. But Leigh’s experience, expertise and patience made the whole process really enjoyable. She’s extremely knowledgable, has great advice and insight into the Denver market, and she’s a master negotiator. Plus she treats her clients like family. What more could you ask for?! We absolutely, 100% recommend Red Door Properties.


Nathan & Quynh


Leigh and Wendy were fantastic to work with!  As first-time homebuyers, the whole process was a little daunting.  They were able to explain the entire process to us as well as walk us through all of the questions we had along the way.  They had great insight into the areas we were looking in and made themselves available to us despite our busy schedules.  When the time came to close on our first house, it just so happened that the closing fell over a holiday weekend.  Even during this time, the folks at Red Door Properties were available and came through to help us get a beautiful home!  WIthout their attention to detail,  I have no doubt that buying a home would’ve been a stressfull situation.  Instead, they helped make it one of the most exciting times in our lives!  

Bryson & Kent

Alan & Phil

Cheesman Park

My partner and I moved here from Florida about a year ago when there was very limited availability of homes on the market. We were fortunate to meet Leigh and Wendy who spent an intense weekend with us showing us every available property that met our needs. They understood what we were looking for and found us a great place- just an hour after it went on the market. Their automated tracking system kept us updated every step of the way and they answered every question we had about relocating to Denver. We couldn’t have been happier with the whole process.



Alamo Placita

When I relocated to Denver, after graduate school, I didn’t have many contacts in the community. I found out Leigh was a realtor through casual a conversation with another tenant in my apartment building. When I decided I was ready to buy a home, I literally knocked on Leigh’s front door, and that’s how she became my realtor! After our initial conversation, I decided she was the person I wanted to assist me through the home buy process. We started my home search immediately, and within one week, I was under contract. I felt Leigh got to know me as a person and what I wanted in my home. She helped me to find the perfect match for my price, style, and neighborhood. Throughout the home buying process, Leigh was professional, organized, and demonstrated exceptional communication skills. Leigh always answered all my questions clearly and promptly. She is a true professional.

I am a huge fan of Red Door properties. I continue to refer my friends, coworkers, and anyone else I know looking for a home.  I now have 5 friends who completed the home buying process with Red Door Properties and all had equally great experiences and felt they ended up with their ideal homes. When I am ready to purchase another home, I will definitely use Red Door Properties.

Ragon & Meisenhelder

Dayl & Helen

Congress Park

Red Door found the perfect house for us!  We have purchased several homes over the years, and this is by far the best relationship we have had with our realtors.  Throughout the entire process from the property search to the final walk-through, Leigh and Wendy were so professional and diligent (e.g., many prompt emails and phone calls) that it felt like we were their only clients.  We relied heavily on their knowledge of Denver’s neighborhoods and market to ensure we were making the right choice for our future.   The house and location have surpassed our expectations.  Leigh and Wendy’s work ethic and follow-through are unmatched.  We look forward to working with Red Door on our next real estate venture.

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Anna & Chris

Hampden South

We loved Leigh so much that she helped us buy and sell our first home and find our perfect house the second time. She is has great knowledge and counsel to share. She and Wendy make the process clear and as simple as possible. Leigh is very astute to personalities and lifestyle details that makes finding the right house a pleasant process. No being dragged around to look at places that just won’t make the cut! She is patient and is willing to explore your questions and concerns. We would totally use her again, and we give her name out to others with high recommendations! Red door is pure awesomeness!


Kerry & Darran

Highlands Ranch

Wow, what a great experience! That about sums it up, but I’ll say more. In a time crunch, with short notice, Leigh did an outstanding job helping us find a home in a great neighborhood that suited our needs. Her knowledge, hard work (and long hours I’m sure) and great sense of humor made the stressful job of house hunting rather enjoyable. She worked hard to find us what we were looking for in a timely manner and we love our house in Highlands Ranch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Red Door Properties and will definitely use them again in the future. Thanks Leigh and Red Door Properties!

Anthony A



I had a great experience working with Red Door Properties.  As a first time home buyer, I had many hesitations about whether I was making the right decision on the type of property I bought as well as the location.  Leigh and Wendy brought a lot to the table when it came to how to make a savvy investment decision.  They also are incredibly receptive and supportive when it came to any concerns I had regarding my purchase.  Having tested the waters with other Realtors before, I can also say that Red Door knows how to deliver.  They were extremely efficient and professional when it came to making an offer, connecting me to a reliable lender, and working through negotiations.

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When I first decided I was ready to buy a house, a good friend referred me to Leigh and Wendy. It was one of the best referrals I have ever received. After the initial phone call with Leigh, I was confident in my decision to work with them. This process took much longer than I thought and at times I would get frustrated. Leigh was always there to bring me back to reality. Leigh and Wendy also pushed me to consider areas that I thought were outside of my comfort zone and they were right. After almost a year, I have a great house in an area that I would not have originally considered and I love the area and my new neighborhood. When the house came on the market, Leigh and I were the first ones to see it and she and Wendy put together an offer in a matter of hours. And in less than 12 hours I was under contract. From then until closing it was a whirlwind of paperwork, inspections, etc., and Leigh and Wendy managed it all and made me feel confident in my choice.

And now that I am living in my house – which is a work in progress that I am loving – they are still there with information on referrals for plumbers, sewer line repair, or just to answer any questions that come up.

I can’t imagine going through this experience with anyone other than Leigh and Wendy. They get to know you and what you want, can be the voice of reason when needed, but also get as excited about the purchase as you do. You could never go wrong working with Leigh and Wendy.

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I have bought and sold over 15 homes due to corporate relocation/moves. I have told numerous folks that Red Door Properties rates at the top of the list in those experiences! When someone is new to a city/state it can take more effort to help them get to know the city and sort through all the helpful folks who have opinions on the best places to live. Leigh sent an overview of each Denver neighborhood and customized/added information based on what we said we were looking for in a home.

Leigh also listened to us as a couple (with some divergent aspirations) and managed to find 2 homes where we both lit up when we walked into the homes – no small feat. Leigh did a great job balancing our need to discuss things privately, but was available quickly via text, email or phone when we needed to discuss.

When it came time for closing, I had to be out of the country on business unexpectedly, and she helped sort all the approvals, power of attorney, etc. to ensure the closing went smoothly.

Red Door Properties is a boutique real estate company that ‘plays’ like a big, national firm!


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Ellen & Chris


Leigh found us our central Denver Victorian. We were looking for a house close to downtown and with her help, identified a few neighborhoods. At her recommendation, we started in Sunnyside. One afternoon of looking at only 5 houses, and we found the one. Leigh’s analysis on the front end meant we didn’t waste any time on houses that only looked good in the listings. And, when we made an offer, she gave us great, data-driven advice about how to structure it. During the negotiation process, she was so savvy about what to ask for – and what to let go. And, closing was so smooth. As you’d expect, Leigh did all the things you hope a great broker will do – dealt with the inspections, etc. but where she’s really different is in the level of analysis she does and how she synthesizes it into spot-on advice to the client. She’s unique.

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Wendy & Richard

Congress Park

I don’t remember who referred us to Leigh, but I owe that person a bottle of wine.  My husband and I met Leigh when we were buying a house from our neighbors.  It was the neighbor’s residence, then a rental for several years, and it’s a hundred-plus years old, so it had some issues.  My neighbor offered to have her partner draw up the papers, because we’re all friends, right?  That might have worked out just fine, but as in other fields, there’s some serious expertise involved in the paperwork of buying and selling houses. (I don’t do my own dentistry, I don’t make my own shoes…)  Luckily, we found Leigh.  She made sure all the right papers were filed with the right places at the right times (there were some really late night faxes involved), and it all turned out great.  With her help, we’re still friends with the couple who sold us the house.  Leigh even recommended several excellent contractors for the various repairs the house needed.  The house turned out beautiful and has been rented successfully for the several years we’ve owned it.  We keep in touch with Leigh for contractors (and because she’s terrific) since our own house down the street is also a hundred-plus-year-old wonder that needs periodic attention.