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The focus of this category is to provide meaningful, educational content for buyers. Peruse these articles to learn more about the home-buying process, finding a mortgage broker, identifying the right house, etc.

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Understanding the Numbers

It’s that time of year again … the Red Door Market Reports are hot off the press! The following is our interpretation of the numbers.

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Sales v Listings Graph

Get the Data!

Our resident data-geek, (aka, Wendy Hession!), has been crunching the numbers and this year’s market report is hot off the press!

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Is Zillow Accurate?

Clients ask me all the time: Leigh, what do you think of Zillow?  I think Zillow is a data point…and, typically a very poor one!  

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11 Months of Appreciation in Denver!

The Denver area housing market has experienced 11 consecutive months of positive year-over-year price appreciation according to the Case-Shiller housing price index.  

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Wonderland Edge Closing in Stapleton!

Congratulations to Mary, the proud new owner of a Wonderland Edge townhome overlooking Central Park in Stapleton!  

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