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The focus of this category is to provide meaningful, educational content for buyers. Peruse these articles to learn more about the home-buying process, finding a mortgage broker, identifying the right house, etc.


Time to Schedule Winterizations!

It’s that time of year again! In Denver, generally, it is recommended that you winterize your sprinkler system in early October to ensure the system is protected against a fall or early winter freeze.

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Understanding the Numbers

It’s that time of year again … the Red Door Market Reports are hot off the press! The following is our interpretation of the numbers.

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Get the Data!

Our resident data-geek, (aka, Wendy Hession!), has been crunching the numbers and this year’s market report is hot off the press!

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Is Zillow Accurate?

Clients ask me all the time: Leigh, what do you think of Zillow?  I think Zillow is a data point…and, typically a very poor one!  

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11 Months of Appreciation in Denver!

The Denver area housing market has experienced 11 consecutive months of positive year-over-year price appreciation according to the Case-Shiller housing price index.  

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