Your home is likely your most valuable asset and when the time comes to sell your home, it’s imperative that you partner with a trusted and professional broker who has the tools, relationships and experience to market your home properly and ensure that you receive the highest value and best terms possible for your asset!

Learn About the Red Door Difference

Our Services for Sellers:

As an independently owned and operated brokerage firm, Red Door Properties has the unique ability to provide a tailored platform of services to meet our clients’ individual needs. Our comprehensive, consistent and transparent approach will ensure that whether you’re a first-time seller or a veteran flipper, you will receive the services that you need and want to be a well-informed and confident seller.

Preparation and Education

Gaining an understanding of the current Denver real estate market and that of your specific neighborhood is the first-step in the home-selling process.  Red Door Properties will meet with you at your home to discuss timing, home preparation and what is important to you (in addition to price, of course!) when selling your home.  We will then create a listing schedule utilizing our cloud-based project management software detailing all of the steps necessary to prepare your home for sale.  If repairs or maintenance work are required, we will provide you with recommended contractors and coordinate work on your behalf to get your house ready for sale!


Pricing is a blend of art and science.  We are not an insulated listing-only brokerage firm, but instead, we strategically maintain a balance between seller and buyer representation to keep a fresh and up-to-date perspective on the market.  We don’t rely on the standard zip-code, off-the-shelf analysis tools that all Realtors have in their back pockets.  Instead, we have built and  maintain proprietary neighborhood-based tools to provide you with the most accurate and up to date data available.  We never ask you to simply trust our guts when giving you pricing advice and will never advise you on a list price without walking through your home.  Instead, we will thoroughly investigate your unique home and put the data, graphs and analyses in front of you to support all of our opinions.

Marketing Materials

From the moment we are selected to sell a house, we launch an efficient process to professionally stage, photograph with High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology and design print and online marketing materials for your home.  As former’ers we know the power online marketing and will provide you with top notch exposure in the MLS, on public websites like Zillow and, on and on social sites like Twitter and Facebook.  When we list a home for sale, our marketing materials don’t simply trickle out…they are strategically launched to drive a synchronized wave of demand.  Your home will not be listed “when the office gets to it.”  Precision is everything in this market and timing mistakes can be costly for a seller.  From the day we list your home to the day we present you with offers, we are thoughtful and calculated every step of the way.

Open Houses

Your buyer will not come directly from an open house because open houses rarely sell homes!  (pssst…secret…most brokers hold open houses to source buyers for themselves and not to sell your house!)  We hold open houses for two reasons…

  1. to create a sense of urgency for “real” buyers and
  2. to enable “real” buyers a chance to come back and spend more time in your home before making an offer.

We will work with you to determine the appropriate open house strategy for your specific home and when we hold a house open, WE hold it open…no assistants or brokers-in-training.

Broker Tours

We don’t conduct broker tours and here’s why…(pssst…another secret…A broker tour benefits the brokerage firm and not the seller!)  Why would any seller want to limit their buyer pool to just buyers represented by one brokerage firm?  With the recent advent of the internet it’s now possible for sellers to reach ALL potential buyers regardless of their representation at ONE TIME!  A brokerage tour simply limits buyer competition by giving one brokerage firm’s buyers an edge over all other buyers at the seller’s expense.  As an independent brokerage, we are positioned to market your home to all of the big brokerages and have no incentive to keep your listing “in-house.”

Offer Negotiation

When you receive offers, we will thoroughly review them with you and provide you with a contract abstract of the offer pulling out key dates and terms for discussion.  We will thoroughly review all contractual deadlines, contingencies, inclusions, exclusions and all details necessary for you to feel comfortable either accepting the offer, countering the offer or rejecting the offer.  If you decide to counter, we will discuss potential negotiation strategies and prepare/present your counter-offer to get you the best possible price and terms.

Contract Management

The first step of selling a house is getting it under contract, but a lot happens between the contract and the closing table.  We will guide you through the entire process and monitor all of your deadlines with our cloud-based project management software which provides you with a behind-the-scenes, transparent view of everything related to your transaction.  Should any issues arise during the inspection, title review, appraisal or survey process, we will notify you and have a recommended solution ready for implementation.

Appraisal & Closing

If we have done our job well and gotten you the highest possible market price for your home, getting your home to appraise can be a challenge.  We do not leave the appraisal up to chance but instead prepare a comprehensive and organized appraisal package and meet the appraiser at your home to help the appraiser see the value in your home and reach the necessary value on paper!  Once your home appraises, we thoroughly review all documents in your file and work with the title company to prepare for closing.  We will sit beside you at the closing table and be ready to handle any last-minute issues to ensure that the closing progresses smoothly.

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