Seller Testimonials

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7th Ave Historic District

I tend to research everything. When I decided to sell my home, I turned to the Internet to find a good real estate agent. Not wanting to get lost in a bureaucracy, I was looking for a small company that gave personal care. Red Door Properties stood out as a winner.

Leigh and Wendy sold my house and also held my hand through the process of building a new home. I cannot say enough good things about this duo. They are both not only very smart, but meticulously conscientious and very gracious individuals. They ALWAYS did exactly what they promised and did it well.

When I decided to sell my house and buy a new one, I already had in place a very busy travel schedule. Wendy and Leigh worked around that, still managing to get my house on the market very quickly. When an appropriate offer did come through, I was in Europe. We were able to handle everything via email, Skype, and digital signatures.

Red Door Properties has very good resources. They arranged for the preparation of my house for sale, including painting, repairing, inspecting, and staging. They also had an excellent photographer and incorporated great marketing skills.  All these resources made the process of selling as painless as possible.

Wendy and Leigh far exceeded my expectations in the purchase of my new home. I had never before had a house built, so had little confidence. I didn’t even know what questions to ask. Red Door negotiated some upfront financial arrangements that were very helpful. Either Wendy or Leigh also attended all meetings with me, including signing of documents and choosing options. (There were over 500 options with the home I chose, so it was overwhelming.) I was purchasing this house by myself, so I really appreciated another eye. Leigh and Wendy also negotiated with my builder to move up the closing date of my new home to coordinate with the closing of the house I was selling. By doing so, I was able to avoid the expense of moving my belongings in and out of a storage facility.

Early in the process of selling and buying, I realized I could completely trust the judgment of Leigh and Wendy in all respects. Feeling such confidence in them was like having a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Looking back over the entire process, I have no regrets about giving them that trust. They were super in every respect.

I would readily recommend Red Door Properties to anyone who is buying or selling a house. These two ladies are not only great businesswomen, but also very good people.

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Guy (and Mom, Wanda)


In my life I have bought and sold many homes, usually with a Realtor, although the circumstances I found myself in this time were a bit different as the property for sale was my mom’s home in Denver while my residence was in Santa Fe, NM. My research revolved around finding a Realtor with high customer satisfaction and experience in the area. Using a laymen’s analysis to further narrow down the field of Realtors, I looked at the areas and types of property bought and sold under or over market value, I generated a list of five Realtors to interview. Leigh was my second interview and I handed her the keys to the house on the spot. I did however conduct a third interview since it was too late to cancel.

I have masters in social work and I see people in a different way than most. I am not an easy person to impress. Saying Leigh is a professional does not describe what she brings to the table. More to the point, Leigh has an unshakable commitment to sell the house at the best price possible. Leigh’s promises, planning, and execution was not lip service; she stood behind her word. Long story short, my mom got over $100,000 more than the other two Realtors’ property appraisals. This was mainly due to the fact that Leigh generated so much interest in the house; we eventually got offers above the asking price. It took only one week from the time the house was listed to accepting a signed contract. Amazing! I can’t thank Leigh enough for her skill, knowledge, and expertise.

Another key person who deserves my thanks is Leigh’s partner, Wendy also delivered excellent service. Wendy was the person behind the scenes making all the pieces fit together. I appreciated Wendy’s professionalism and attention to details which helped move this process forward smoothly and quickly, with all deliverables completed in a timely manner.

My mom is now happily living in an in an independent/assistive living facility near my sister.
With great appreciation, my family and I thank you.

Heather & Ryan


We interviewed several realtors and after meeting with Leigh, we knew immediately that we wanted her to handle the sale of our Stapleton home. She was extremely confident, professional, data driven and professional. Throughout the entire stressful process of selling our home and moving out of state, Leigh and Wendy were there every step of the way. They kept us on schedule all while being sympathetic to our chaotic life with young children. The advice we received from Leigh and Wendy was invaluable and I would refer anyone I know in their direction.

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Patty & Dave


My husband and I have bought and sold multiple houses over the years, but our experience with Leigh Wilbanks was by far the best we’ve ever had. Leigh helped us sell our last home and worked with us to find our current house. She has a super sharp mind, superior business acumen and a great deal of knowledge about the Denver housing market. We’ve worked with brokers in the past who showed us homes that came nowhere close to the parameters we had described. Leigh is a great listener, who asks probing questions and works hard to tune into her clients’ housing needs and wishes.

More than anything else, Leigh exudes professionalism. She is responsive, empathetic, highly organized and thoughtful. Her passion for her work is obvious and it’s an absolute joy to watch her in action!

Now that Wendy Hession has joined Red Door Properties, we’re certain that the business will take off to even greater heights. Together, Leigh and Wendy will continue to set the bar high in terms of providing excellent client service in the world of residential real estate! We wish them all the best!

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Mary Anne


Leigh Wilbanks and Wendy Hession are the smartest, most professional, most service-oriented real estate brokers I have ever come across.  Their work is superior in every way.  From the MBA-style pricing analysis, to home staging, contract management, and exquisite client service; Leigh and Wendy are the best in the business.

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Geoff, Katie & Sophie

Country Club

We had the great fortune to begin our relationship with Red Door Properties in 2011 when we decided to try and take advantage of low prices in the market and make the move from our “starter home” into our “forever home.”  When we learned of a rare opportunity to buy in our favorite neighborhood, we didn’t believe we could get the house and certainly were not prepared to sell our existing house.

When we contacted Leigh late one evening about our potential dream home, she sprang into action and had us looking at the house the very next day.  Before deciding to buy, Leigh provided us with copious background information about home prices in this neighborhood, including current and historical pricing comparisons and other detailed analysis we found invaluable.  We inundated her with questions and scenarios about the purchase of our dream home and sale of our existing house.  Finally, feeling confident that we were getting a once-in-a-lifetime buy, we went under contract to buy our dream house, with a contingency of the sale of our existing house needed to close the deal.

Because we never thought we’d get our dream house, we had done nothing to prepare our existing house for sale.  In less than one week, Leigh had multiple contractors addressing various “deferred maintenance” items we hadn’t gotten around to fixing, had part of our house painted, and even had a professional stager in to add just the right touches to our house. It looked great!  In the meantime, Leigh provided us with extensive market information and worked with us to identify an asking price we were comfortable with.  Her analysis was spot-on.  Two weeks from putting our home on the market we were under contract with a full price cash offer—unbelievable.  And, this offer meant we could go forward with buying our dream home.

Throughout the inspection process and the days between going under contract and the final closing, Leigh was in constant contact with us with updates on the inspection and negotiation process, and ultimately ended up moving heaven and earth dealing with a nervous buyer to close the deal.  In the end, we sold our home at full price in a matter of just a few weeks, and managed to move into the home we’ve always wanted.

We truly believe that but for the herculean efforts of Leigh and Red Door Properties, we would not have been able to make the move we did.  Thanks Red Door!

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Wendy and Leigh were great! I bought my first home, sold it, and subsequently purchased my new condo with them and obviously have been totally thrilled with their acumen, patience, and dedication. I don’t anticipate selling for hopefully a long time (if ever) but, should I, I couldn’t imagine working with any other company.

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Nicole and Bosley

Krisana Park

The decision to sell my house was very difficult for me, but Leigh and Wendy of Red Door Properties made the process simple! Once I made the decision to sell, their professionalism and attention to detail seamlessly guided me through all the tasks and steps I had to take to prepare to sell. I really appreciated their professional opinions and they proved themselves to be subject matter experts. I was particularly impressed with their marketing strategy (the professional photography, high end brochures and using social media) and the real estate market analysis they did for me….I believe it sets them apart from other realtors and it certainly contributed to my house selling after one week. They made me feel like much more than a client, and I will recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home…and will use them again myself if the opportunity presents itself. I can’t speak highly enough about Leigh Wilbanks and Wendy Hession of Red Door Properties!

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Karen, Amy & Koda


What can I say about Red Door Properties that hasn’t already been said about sliced bread, penicillin or the cronut?  These ladies are the rock stars of real estate.  They helped us through the sale of our former home, and the construction/purchase of our new home.  Yes, these lucky ladies spend a little over six months with us.  Bless their hearts.

Leigh and Wendy had all the data and expert advice we needed to put our home on the market for just the right price, and it sold in mere days.  They were there to handle all of the hiccups that come along with a new build, as well, such as the infamous “pre drywall walk” that magically turned into the “drywall walk”.  Good times, right?  So glad they were there by our side through it all!  They also calmly and patiently fielded all of our texts/emails/phone calls, and even managed to kindly tolerate our quirly sense of humor.  A big thanks to Leigh and Wendy for all their hard work.  We recommend you to everyone…so watch out!  We couldn’t imagine buying or selling a home with anyone else.

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Sy & Nick

Wash Park

Leigh has incredibly high standards of operation, communication, output and work quality. You never have to doubt that she has your best interest at heart when she is advising you and/or negotiating on your behalf. Her business objectives never trump the customer’s objectives. She’s a real estate broker because she loves people and that level of care makes all the difference.

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Jennifer & Jason

Highlands Ranch

While we loved our home and our memories we were creating in it.  Reality really hit home for us when we welcomed baby #2 1100 miles away from all of our family who reside in IL & IN.  The memories that we were creating, that they were missing, and the fact our kids were growing up not knowing family along with us not having any sort of support system in CO led us to make steps to find our way back to the Midwest.

Hesitantly, we contacted Leigh in June 2012 and gave her the bad news that the beautiful house she had worked SOOOO hard to help us find, we now needed her to help us sell so we could move back by our family.  She didn’t miss a beat.  While she was sad to see us pick up and move again, she was there to support us in every way so we could reach our goal of moving back by family.

When I tell you the selling process went fast, it went FAST.  We listed the house and had an enormous amount of activity immediately prior to it going live the first weekend.  The selling season was at its peak, buyers needing to buy in order to get their kids settled before school starts and our house was located within a few miles from all the schools so the location was perfect.  Within 3 hours, we had an offer $5k over list price.  Needless to say, we accepted it and 30 days later we turned over the keys.

While we miss Colorado every day we are away from it, we know that if our path in life brings us back that way again, we will reach out to Leigh at Red Door Properties for her help.  We know we will find the perfect house, at the right price, and that we will be cared for 100%.  We now have 3 little ones, a 5 year old boy, and 2 girls 23 months and 6 months.  We are truly blessed by our experience with Red Door Properties and would highly recommend them to ANYONE!

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Jonathan & Heather

Capitol Hill

Once our son was able to walk around and destroy our tiny condo in about four minutes flat, we decided we needed to upgrade. We found Red Door Properties through a friend, and met Leigh Wilbanks after investigating her website. Our biggest concern was the timing of the sale, as the market had been depressed for over two years after the crash in 2008. Furthermore, I have experience in the financial industry and was in my first semester of law school. Leigh brought more data, charts, and market analysis than anybody I had ever met when we purchased the condo; we were impressed with her acumen and creativity, but it was her passion for helping us find a better home that has us committed to Red Door. Looking back, our timing could not have been better based on the market’s slow rebound, and Leigh helped us be confident in our sale and in our next steps. Now, we have complete peace of mind knowing that we have a lifetime RE broker in Colorado. Thanks Leigh, you’re awesome!

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Jenny, Stefan, Charlie & George


We feel so incredibly lucky that a friend recommended Leigh & Wendy to us. We had reached a point in our lives where we had outgrown our small but beloved home near the city and we were ready for a change.  Like many people, we were a bit daunted by the whole process of selling and buying a home. From the very moment we first met Leigh, we felt like she just tucked us right under her wing. She listened to our every little concern and offered solid knowledgeable guidance every step of the way.

In preparation of putting our house on the market, Leigh provided invaluable advice on home improvement projects that were worth taking on in order to get top dollar for our house. After taking Leigh’s advice and putting in our months of sweat equity, the house was finally ready to show. Red Door brought in an exceptional photographer whose photos truly accentuated the charm and character of our home. Wendy did an impressive job running the comps, which was challenging since we lived in an odd little niche of a neighborhood with nothing much out there to compare it to.  We listed the house and by the end of the weekend, we had dozens of showings, multiple offers, and we ended up accepting an offer that was far more than we ever anticipated. With our unexpected small fortune, we were able to purchase a larger home in a better neighborhood that much better suited our family’s changing needs.

Now we were ready to find our new home. With inventory low, it was imperative to run out at a moment’s notice when a potential property popped up. Leigh was always willing to meet us at the drop of a hat to show us anything our little hearts desired. At the same time, she made sure that we did not stray from our goals or make unwise choices. We were seeking a fixer-upper in the suburbs and when this little gem of a house popped up in an amazing neighborhood that we knew would go fast, Leigh met us at the property immediately. We instantly knew this was the one and were ready to make an offer. Investors were swarming like flies and Leigh knew exactly what we would be up against. Leigh and Wendy not only did the obvious of advising us on a strategic offer price, but in order to make us stand out from the rest, Leigh had us write a personal letter to the seller. She wrote her own letter as well convincing the seller that we were destined to be in this house, and even sent along photos of the renovations we had lovingly done to our previous home. Ultimately, Leigh went way above and beyond and as a result, our offer was accepted over more attractive offers. Thanks to Red Door, we are now settled into our amazing new home which we just simply adore.

With Red Door Properties on our side, both selling and buying our home was a seamless, organized, informative, stress-free, and actually even a fun process! Leigh & Wendy worked tirelessly for us throughout the entire time we worked with them. They provided us with an online project management tool that was easily accessible and allowed us to always rest assured that we were on track and know what we could expect next. They provided us with professional home staging services which undoubtedly aided in increasing our net proceeds. They provided and continue to provide us with referrals for top notch contractors.  Between Wendy’s phenomenal number crunching and Leigh’s tactical prowess, Red Door Properties provides a service that is unparalleled. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.

We would let Leigh and Wendy perform heart surgery on us or anyone in our family.

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Ryan & Marie

Wash Park

Red Door’s approach to real estate defies the Denver standard. While searching for a realtor to represent our transactions, we encountered an array of under-qualified individuals who were more interested in the commission than our long-term investment goals. Conversely, Leigh and Wendy analyze and advise you on market trends to ensure you’re comfortable, with arguably, one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever have.  When we sold our condo, Wendy provided a comprehensive market report (i.e. regressions, market statistics) that empowered us to make an educated decision on our listing price. And lo and behold, a few days later, we received a full asking price. (Mind you, this was before the Denver market went completely berserk.)

Whether it’s dealing with a difficult realtor or negotiating during a bidding war, they know how to approach situations logically and secure transactions. Leigh told us, “I don’t like to lose” and you better believe she means it! We saw Leigh in action when we purchased our second home in the competitive neighborhood of Wash Park. When we first viewed our home’s listing the night before, Leigh immediately scheduled a showing for the next morning. We were the first potential buyers to step into the home and also the first to submit an offer less than an hour after the showing. Within 10 hours, Leigh had negotiated and won the bidding war between the other 5 or so existing offers. There’s no lip service here, just results.

Leigh and Wendy have such a dynamic approach to real estate. Their understanding of the Denver market is multifaceted and evolving. As homeowners, developers and landlords themselves, they are able to offer a variety of advice to different buyers and sellers. They’ve served as mentors and an accessible source of information to our never-ending questions. Did I also mention they’re really patient?

As a boutique real estate company, you’d really think that these two would have a whole team supporting them given their efficiency and attention to clients. They’re responsive, approachable, thorough and frankly, just awesome people with an unmatchable synergy. We will continue to recommend Red Door to family members and friends without a single reservation.  Truthfully, it’s impossible to summarize how incredible this duo is. We never thought we’d brag about our realtors… until we met Leigh and Wendy.

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Brian & Karen

Park Hill

We had a great experience selling and buying with Leigh’s assistance at Red Door.  Her emphasis on data — really researching neighborhoods and comparable properties — as well as her assistance getting our house ready to show well, meant that we got a good offer very quickly in a very poor selling year (2009).  She’s also great at listening to her clients — she understood the factors that were important to us in buying a house, and was able to help us get what’s been a perfect house for our family and our needs.  We’ve since referred several friends to Leigh and Wendy, who’ve also had terrific experiences.


John, Stefanie, Owen & Nate


Leigh at Red Door Properties has been a part of every major transaction in our grown-up lives; Wendy joined Red Door for all but a couple of them. From home sales (2) to home purchases (2) to marriages (1), Leigh has been by our sides – for better or worse. With Red Door we’ve experienced selling in a buyers’ market, buying in a sellers’ market, and a snowy forecast in the days before our September outdoor wedding in the mountains (Leigh and Wendy were in attendance, of course).  Leigh and Wendy have always kept us on track and focused, despite our occasional meltdowns or moments of logical weakness.

Often, real estate involves some of the largest financial – and most emotional – transactions of a person’s lifetime. For this, you want Red Door Properties on your team. Leigh and Wendy offer wicked MBA-smarts, kindness, and personal support to all their clients.  They won’t give you an opinion without having data, research, and years of experience in Denver real estate to back up their thoughts. And they’re *really* fun to hang out with, too.

As a couple, we are a scientist, an attorney, an MBA, and parents (have fun trying to figure out how all those things go together!); it’s in our DNA to require Red Door’s personal connection AND analytical abilities. We have high standards, and we’ve never been let down by Red Door.

Gregory & Samano - Cropped

Lynda & Sheridan

Park Hill

We were referred to Red Door Properties by a friend who had worked with them and we’re glad she did.  Leigh and Wendy are very knowledgeable about the Denver Metro real estate market.  They worked closely with us as they researched changing market dynamics and made adjustments so we’d get the best price for the home we sold.  In addition, they listened to both of our expectations, wants, and needs when searching for a new home and they helped us find a great fit.  They have a disciplined and organized approach so we were informed every step of the way. Our expectations were exceeded and we would use them again without hesitation.  Thanks, Red Door Properties — we love our new home!

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Andi & Russ


I turned to Red Door about selling my home after they did a tremendous job with the sale of my neighbor’s home. I felt like these two were the most dynamic, professional and up-to-speed on every aspect more than any other realtors I’ve worked with. Though there were many things they did well, getting the top dollar for the house and helping negotiate an amazing deal with the new place on a short timeline was incredible. Particularly arranging a closing in a short time line and using established, trusted relationships to ensure an early move in date. I will highly recommend these two to all friends and family.

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South Broadway

RedDoor delivers, pure and simple! Leigh Wilbanks advises how to stage and takes professional photos. She combines analysis of measurable attributes with the market trend and prices in the property’s appeal. What’s amazing is that RedDoor brought in 8 offers by the end of 3 days. All the while, she and Wendy Hession fed me information. My experience with RedDoor was by far the best I’ve ever had selling a property.