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Previously known as Stapleton, the Central Park neighborhood was built on the 4,700 acre site of the old Stapleton International Airport which served as Denver’s primary airport from 1929 to 1995. Forest City Enterprises was selected as a partner and master developer of this mixed-use, sustainable community with construction beginning in 2001 and continuing today.

​​​​​​​The overall Central Park neighborhood is appealing to buyers who want a new or newer home in close proximity to downtown Denver and Denver International Airport.  Lots are not huge in Central Park, but instead every home is located within a short walk to a large or small community park. Price points and home styles vary greatly providing options for buyers with a range of budgets and architectural preference.

The overall neighborhood is enormous in scale and is home to some 30,000 residents living in single-family homes, condos, townhomes and apartment units. Within the larger Central Park neighborhood, however, are twelve smaller areas constructed in sequence beginning with the East 29th Avenue area south of I-70 and ending north of I-70 with the North End area. Each of the twelve areas has its own unique character and attributes.

  • East 29th Avenue – This is where the Central Park neighborhood began with the Town Center and Founder’s Green serving as the growing neighborhood’s hub providing shops, free concerts, open-air movie nights and a weekly farmers’ market.
  • Westerly Creek – In the center of it all, this area offers easy access to Central Park to the north, Westerly Creek Park to the west, East 29th Town Center to the east, Stanley Marketplace to the southeast and the Central Park Rec Center to the northeast.
  • South End – One of Central Park’s oldest neighborhoods offers maturing trees and easy access to both the East 29th Town Center and Stanley Marketplace.  The South End area is also home to a 3-acre off-leash dog park!
  • Eastbridge – Just over the bridge from Westerly Creek.  This area has easy access to the Eastbridge Town Center, Stanley Market Place and the Central Park Rec Center.
  • Central Park North – Surrounded by Central Park to the south and greenways to the north and east.  This area is walking distance to Central Park Station and has quick access to the Shops at Northfield.
  • Central Park West – This area is characterized by larger lots situated on community muses.  Its central location makes it walking distance to Central Park Station, Founder’s Green and Central Park.
  • Bluff Lake – The easternmost area of Stapleton provides the newest homes south of I-70 and is centered around the Izzy B Elementary School and bordered to the north by the Bluff Lake Nature Center.
  • Conservatory Green – Construction began north of I-70 in 2013 with the Conservatory Green Area.  Walking distance to the Shops at Northfield, this area has easy access to an extensive array of shops and restaurants.
  • Willow Park East – Located just north of Conservatory Green, this area is surrounded by Prairie Meadows Park to the south and Willow Basin Park to the north and east. Willow Park is also home to Central Park’s second dog park, the Willow Bark Park!
  • Wicker Park – One of the smaller Central Park areas, Wicker Park is at the center surrounded by homes and pocket parks.  Residents have easy access to the Shops at Northfield to the south.
  • Beeler Park – This area is bordered to the west by Dick’s Sporting Goods Park for easy access to concerts and sporting events.  Beeler Court runs north-to-south connecting Beeler Park to Cottonwood Clearing Park at 59th and all the way up to Front Porch Park at the northernmost tip of the Central Park neighborhood.
  • North End – Central Park’s final frontier offers the neighborhood’s newest homes and incorporates all of the lessons builders and planners have learned through the creation of the eleven previous areas.

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