Park Hill

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Park Hill is a large, predominantly residential neighborhood that boasts the greatest share of Denver’s tree-lined parkways. The parkways were developed during the height of the “ City Beautiful” movement and are now enjoyed by walkers, runners, and cyclists alike.

The first homes in the Park Hill neighborhood were developed in the early 1900s. Residential development continued to increase after WWII with home development moving north and styles changing from early bungalows and Denver Squares to post-WWII ranches.

​​​​​​​Today, Park Hill is particularly attractive to families who want a larger lot and an older home close to downtown Denver. Large lots (6,250 plus Squarefeet) can be found in both North and South Park Hill with the largest lots in both areas lining the parkways. Home sizes vary greatly throughout the neighborhood with the largest homes in South Park Hill and on the eastern sides of both North and South Park Hill.

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